Friday 14 December 2018

Mums saw drunk man urinating on footpath

A DRUNK refused to stop urinating in the middle of a footpath outside a city maternity hospital where mothers and children were coming and going at rush hour, a court heard.

Constantin Pancinc (42) was arrested for a public order offence when gardai and his friend failed to get him to stop urinating outside the Rotunda Hospital, a court heard.

Judge Bryan Smyth said he was "not impressed" with the accused's behaviour but left him without a conviction when he admitted the offence at Dublin District Court.

Pancinc, of North Circular Road, Dublin 7, pleaded guilty to a charge of failing to obey garda directions.

Garda Joseph Piggott told the court he was on duty at Parnell Square North at 4.55pm when he saw the defendant urinating in the middle of the footpath. The garda stopped the patrol car and told Pancinc to stop what he was doing.


He refused. "He wasn't intoxicated to the extent that he couldn't control himself," the garda added.

Defence solicitor Stephen O'Mahony said Pancinc had drunk 10 pints of beer on the day and was a man "with certain medical difficulties".

The defendant was homeless and unemployed.

"Where did he get the money to have 10 pints?" Judge Smyth asked "That is the best part of €50." Mr O'Mahony replied that a friend of the accused who worked in the construction industry had bought the drink for him.

"I am not very impressed with what was going on on the day, the time or the location," the judge said.

However, he agreed to dismiss the charge under the Probation of Offenders Act.


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