Saturday 23 March 2019

Mum-of-3 swung golf club at partner who'd 'been up to no good'

Mum-of-three Audrey Lenihan
Mum-of-three Audrey Lenihan

A mother-of-three was arrested for waving a golf club at her partner in the street after she discovered he had been "off with her best friend and up to no good", a court heard.

Audrey Lenihan (40) swung the club without meaning to hit her partner, but to show him "how angry she was", the court was told.

Judge Michael Walsh left her without a conviction after she admitted a public order offence.

Ms Lenihan, of Fort Ostman, Old Country Road, Crumlin, pleaded guilty to using threatening, abusive and insulting words or behaviour with intent to cause a breach of the peace.

Dublin District Court heard the incident happened at Crumlin Road last October 19.

Gardai found the accused at 1.15am, screaming and shouting and waving a golf club at a man in an aggressive manner.

She was told to stop and failed to do so, a garda sergeant said.

She was arrested at 1.20am and taken to Crumlin Garda Station, where she was charged.

In reply to the charge after caution, she said: "Sorry."

"Is she a golfer?" Judge Walsh asked.

Defence solicitor Anne Fitzgibbon replied that she was not, and added that Ms Lenihan had been with her partner for 15 years.

"He was off with her best friend and they were up to no good, if I can put it that way," she said.

When the accused phoned her best friend, she was told he was not with her, but then they arrived together, the solicitor said.


Judge Walsh asked if the accused had wanted to teach him a lesson.

"She didn't intend to hit him, she just wanted him to know how angry she was," Ms ­Fitzgibbon said.

Ms Lenihan was extremely apologetic and Ms Fitzgibbon asked Judge Walsh to be as lenient as he could.

The accused had no previous public order convictions.

Judge Walsh dismissed the charge, leaving Ms Lenihan without a recorded conviction.

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