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Mum smashed garda station door in car row

A MUM-of-five who smashed a garda station door when she was told she would have to pay a fee for the release of her impounded car was in "dire" financial straits.

Lorraine Murray (27) broke glass in the station door when she slammed it after being told gardai could not help her with her complaint about the vehicle.

She was fined €300 after she admitted causing the damage.

Murray, of Sheephill Green, Blanchardstown, was charged with causing a breach of the peace and criminal damage at Blanchardstown Garda Station on October 25, 2012.

Garda Cleo Withero told Blanchardstown District Court she was working at the front counter when Murray arrived with a complaint.



The garda could not help Murray, who slammed the door three times as she left, smashing the glass.

The accused's car had been seized and impounded and she had been told she would not be able to get it back until she paid a sum of money, her barrister Christina Daly said.

Murray's financial circumstances were "quite dire" and her outgoings included funeral expenses for her deceased mother which she was paying by direct debit.

Judge David McHugh said he was sure it had not been a pleasant experience for the garda on duty.

Fining her €300 and giving her an extended period of time to pay, he said: "I imagine it's the best deal in town."