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Mum-of-three gave false name to officers over warrant fears


Samantha Kinsella ‘panicked’ when gardai asked her name

Samantha Kinsella ‘panicked’ when gardai asked her name

Samantha Kinsella ‘panicked’ when gardai asked her name

A woman gave gardai a false name in panic because she had a warrant out for her arrest, a court has heard.

Mother-of-three Samantha Kinsella (36) gave the false information after she app-roached officers on Berryfield Drive, Finglas, on May 29, while they were dealing with another matter.

She was asked to leave and failed to do so.

When asked for her name, she gave a different first name. When gardai checked, it was false.

When Kinsella was arrested and taken to Finglas Garda Station, it was discovered that there was a live bench warrant in existence, Blanchardstown District Court was told.

Kinsella, of Dunsink Drive, Finglas, pleaded guilty to giving gardai a false and misleading name and address.

She also admitted failing to appear in court on another date.


Judge Gerard Jones put her on a bond to keep the peace for a year, leaving her without a further conviction.

Sgt Geraldine McManigan told the court that gardai were dealing with an incident on the street at 6.10pm when Kinsella approached.

The court heard that the defendant had previous convictions for offences including theft, but none of them were recent.

The accused was separated and had three young children, her solicitor John O'Doherty said.

On the day, she "panicked" when gardai asked for her name, he added.

Kinsella apologised for the offence.

Mr O'Doherty asked the judge to be as lenient as he could in the circumstances, and to take account of the fact that the accused had not been in trouble for a number of years.