Thursday 23 January 2020

Mum 'berserk' on alcohol and drugs assaulted officers

Christine Murphy had been ‘up all night abusing substances’
Christine Murphy had been ‘up all night abusing substances’

A mother-of-four scraped a garda with her nails until he bled and kicked another officer when she went "berserk" on a cocktail of drink and drugs.

Christine Murphy (44) had been "up all night abusing substances" when she assaulted the officers in a "despicable" incident at her mother's house.

Dublin District Court heard her life had "spiralled" after her home was repossessed.

Judge John Hughes said she had been "out of control" and adjourned the case for reports.

Murphy, of Tulip Court, Darndale, pleaded guilty to assaulting two gardai and criminal damage to a garda uniform.

The court heard officers went to Murphy's address at 10.40am last February 16.

Her mother said Murphy had kicked in the front window, causing it to smash.

Murphy was in the kitchen, highly intoxicated when gardai arrived.

When told she would be arr- ested, she became abusive and violent, placing her legs against the door frame as officers tried to bring her out. She tried to bite one of the gardai.


When she was taken to the patrol car, she lashed out with her feet, striking one officer on the knee and grabbing his jacket, causing it to rip.

She continued to lash out, connecting with the garda in the stomach.

She also used her nails to scrape the other garda, drawing blood from his left lower arm and leaving a "deeply embedded nail mark".

Murphy, who had 22 previous convictions, struggled en route to Coolock Garda Station.

She was under the influence of both drugs and alcohol at the time.

Her mother confronted her, then called gardai out of concern for her well-being and she reacted in an "unacceptable way", the court heard.

It was the "lowest possible point" for Murphy, who was "ashamed of herself", her lawyer said.

She had lost her home some years earlier when it was repossessed. She went to live with her mother, turned to alcohol and drugs and things "completely spiralled" for her.

Murphy was now clean of all substances.

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