Friday 24 November 2017

Mum beat up gospel singer she said had ruined her marriage

A MOTHER-of-two beat up a gospel singer during a doorstep assault as she believed the woman had "charmed" her family and destroyed her marriage.

Janet Falode (42) pulled out chunks of Patience Olafia's hair, bit her nose and sat on top of her, repeatedly punching her.

Falode claimed she was "in pain" following the breakdown of her marriage, and when she asked Ms Olafia about the charm, she denied she had given her anything. Judge Hugh O'Donnell said Falode's story was "unbelievable" and he imposed a three-month sentence suspended for one year.

The defendant, of Foxdene Avenue in Clondalkin, was found guilty before Blanchardstown District Court of seriously assaulting Patience Olafia.

Ms Olafia, a gospel singer, said she was leaving her house in Lucan on July 2 last year when the defendant came up behind her and pulled her hair.

She said Falode beat her up, shouting at her "you have taken my husband, I will remove the baby from your tummy".


Ms Olafia said she told Falode she did not know her husband, but Falode pushed her into the doorway of her house, sat on top of her and bit her nose.

She said her teenage daughter was shouting "Leave my mother alone!" but Falode continued to punch and hit her and threatened to kill her.

Ms Olafia said part of her hair was pulled out during the assault, and she suffered bite marks to her nose as well as scratches on her arms.

In cross examination, Ms Olafia denied that she pushed Falode who then pushed her back in self-defence.

In her evidence, Falode said she went to Ms Olafia's house to ask her about a charm she had given her. Falode claimed her marriage was totally destroyed by Ms Olafia after she gave her a charm, which she also called holy water. She said Ms Olafia was a friend, she was "in pain" and she just wanted to know about the charm that Ms Olafia had given her.

The defendant claimed Ms Olafia did not want to talk to her, pushed her, hit her and bit her on the side of the face.

Judge O'Donnell sentenced Falode to three months in prison suspended for one year.


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