Friday 27 April 2018

Motorist banned after scraping side of parked car

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A driver who tried to squeeze through a gap between two cars parked at a petrol station has been banned from the road.

Maria Ruth (59) scraped her car along the side of a second vehicle, causing nearly €1,000 worth of damage.

The owner of the damaged car, Paul Doyle, was putting petrol in his vehicle at the time of the incident.

Ruth had denied the allegation, admitting the space was tight but she did not touch the other car.

However, CCTV footage shown to the court clearly showed her car making contact with Mr Doyle's, causing it to rock in its place.

Judge Dermot Dempsey convicted and fined Ruth €400 and banned her from driving for six months.

The defendant, of Inbhir Ide, Malahide, was found guilty of careless driving as well as a hit-and-run offence.

The incident happened at Applegreen, Mountgorry, Swords, on December 14, 2016.


Mr Doyle said he had pulled in to get petrol and stopped his Nissan Primera in front of Ruth's parked vehicle.

He began putting petrol in the vehicle when a second car pulled up at the petrol pump across from him.

Mr Doyle said the defendant came out of the shop and got into her car.

He said there was not enough space for the defendant to get through between the two parked cars and she "smacked" into his, scraping along the side of it, before driving away.

The cost of the damage was around €1,000.

In her evidence, Ruth said the space was tight but that she did not make contact with Mr Doyle's car and got through the gap.

Finding her guilty, Judge Dempsey said it was "totally clear" that Ruth had hit Mr Doyle's car.

The court was told she had never been in trouble before.

She was looking for work in administration and had found the whole process a "very stressful experience".

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