Tuesday 21 November 2017

'Monster' jailed for abuse of teenage boys admitted there could be 20 victims

Ex-basketball coach Bill Kinneally
Ex-basketball coach Bill Kinneally
Colin Power, Jason Clancy, Kevin Keating and Barry Murphy, who were among the victims

A sports coach jailed for 14 years for abusing 10 teenage boys admitted to investigating gardai he estimated he had molested more than 20.

Former sports coach and Fianna Fail election tallyman, Bill Kenneally (65), was jailed as Judge Eugene O'Kelly warned that he had systematically groomed and then exploited the teens for his own sexual gratification.

The judge noted that Kenneally's activities bore all the hallmarks of the systematic behaviour of predatory paedophiles in that the abuse suffered by each teen was very similar in nature.

Kenneally also had the same modus operandi in grooming each of the boys - impressing them, befriending them, giving them gifts of cash and sports gear and then exploiting them for his own sexual gratification.

He also took photos of the semi-naked boys as a form of "insurance against disclosure" of the indecent assaults.

Judge O'Kelly described this as a form of "blackmail".


"This was all manipulative grooming for the abuse that was to follow. This is an aggravating factor," Judge O'Kelly told Waterford Circuit Criminal Court.

The judge imposed 17-month prison sentences for each of the 10 counts which involved different teens.

However, he directed that each of the sentences be served consecutively to a total term of 14 years and two months.

"I do not want them [the victims] to leave this judicial process thinking they were not heard," the judge said.

Kenneally was also included on the Sex Offenders Register for life.

The judge said Kenneally's use of items such as handcuffs, blindfolds and binds were an aggravating factor in the indecent assaults.

One half-naked teen was tied to a tree in an isolated Waterford forest and then abandoned by Kenneally who only returned several hours later.

Kenneally, who is single and an accountant, is a former Irish national basketball coach.

Four victims - Jason Clancy, Colin Power, Barry Murphy and Kevin Keating - waived their anonymity to speak about what they had suffered.

All paid tribute to Judge O'Kelly and the sentence handed down. "It is a relief to see that beast of a man jailed," Mr Keating said.

"He was a monster," Mr Power said.

"I am a little in shock at the length of the sentence. But I am delighted. Justice was done," Mr Murphy added.

"We are all ecstatic at the sentence. We are delighted the judge paid so much attention to the victim impact statements," said Mr Clancy, who had contacted gardai in 2012 to make a formal complaint about Kinneally.

The trial also heard that another family contacted gardai about the sports coach in 1987 over concerns about his links with their teenage son.

Kenneally made specific admissions in 1987 but no prosecution was taken because the family involved did not make a formal complaint.

Kenneally, formerly of Summerville Avenue, Waterford, pleaded guilty to 10 sample counts of indecent assault between October 31, 1984 and December 31 ,1987 against teens aged between 12 and 16 years.

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