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Monk niece back in jail for theft 4 days after release


Addict Donna Hutch

Addict Donna Hutch

Addict Donna Hutch

A niece of gangland figure Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch has been given a nine-month sentence after pleading guilty to theft only days after she was released from jail.

Donna Hutch (45), from Dublin's north inner city, had 383 convictions, including 264 for theft, Judge John Hughes was told yesterday.

The mother-of-two, who admitted before Dublin District Court to theft and failing to attend an earlier hearing, has a history of heroin and alcohol abuse.

Judge Hughes heard that on August 1 she was stopped running by gardai at Griffith Park in Dublin's north side.


She was in possession of an iPhone 8 and a woman's purse which had been stolen from a bar in the city centre.

Hutch had been released from a jail sentence for earlier crimes only four days before.

She also admitted stealing €136 worth of clothing and was found with a clothes detagger, plus bottles of gin worth €95, on another date.

Judge Hughes described her lengthy criminal record as "app- alling".

Aside from her 264 theft convictions, her other offences included four counts of criminal damage, eight common assault charges, one for assault causing harm as well as criminal damage with intent to defraud.

She failed to appear in court 47 times.

Hutch was sentenced to 12 months' imprisonment in 2015 for trying to stab a garda with a blood-filled syringe.

In a mitigation plea before sentencing, defence solicitor Philip Hannon told the court his client came from the north inner city, she dropped out of education at a very young age and developed a serious addiction.

The solicitor said heroin was "sweeping through that area", adding: "She fell in with the lifestyle at a very young age."


Mr Hannon said Hutch had gone to a treatment programme to overcome her drug problem, but later developed an addiction to alcohol.

Sentencing her, Judge Hughes said Hutch had "an appalling record".

He also noted that one offence had taken place while she was on a suspended sentence.

He imposed jail terms totalling 10 months with the final month suspended with conditions.

Hutch must remain under the supervision of the Probation Service, undertake a drug and alcohol rehabilitation course and provide urine samples for the next 18 months.

The defendant, who stood silently throughout the hearing, was also ordered to complete an education and training course by the Probation Service.