Saturday 18 November 2017

Mobster 'risked life for female relative'

Mago Gately
Mago Gately
Gardai search for clues near to where Gately was shot

The Hutch mob henchman who miraculously survived a feud-related drive-by shooting this week was in the capital to protect a close female relative, the Herald can reveal.

Feared criminal James 'Mago' Gately (30) is expected to be released from hospital this weekend after being treated for bullet injuries to his jaw sustained in Wednesday afternoon's attempted murder.

While armed gardai have been guarding him at Beaumont Hospital, armed officers have also been patrolling near the female relative's home in the north inner city on a regular basis.

Sources say that 'Mago' is "very close" to the innocent woman, who has become a target for the Kinahan cartel because of her connection with the gangster.


'Mago' was at the centre of a highly-publicised murder plot last month and has received multiple official warnings from gardai that his life is under threat.

Because of all this, he had been hiding out at various safe houses in Northern Ireland, but sources say, when he heard his close female relative was under active threat, he came back to Dublin, which has proved to be a kill zone for his associates.

"All he wanted was to make sure that woman was OK, she means the world to him. He risked everything for her," a source said last night.

"You can say what you like about 'Mago' but one thing he has is loyalty to those he loves and he was determined to make sure that woman was OK because of the major threat hanging over her."

In fact, it is Gately's loyalty to the Hutch faction that led to him becoming the Kinahan cartel's number one target.

Gately, who is a distant cousin of late Boyzone singer Stephen Gately, is understood to have once been on very friendly terms with cartel crime boss Daniel Kinahan through his life-long friendship with Gary Hutch, who was murdered in a double-cross in September 2015.

This was the murder that led Gately to split from his former associates in the cartel.

Gately has been a close associate of the Hutch clan since he was a child and was photographed carrying the coffin of Gary Hutch.

In the aftermath of Gary's killing, sources revealed Gately refused to attend a number of meetings the cartel tried to organise with him because he was "disgusted and heartbroken" about what had happened to his pal.

He was previously closely linked to the cartel for many years.

The fact that Gately's innocent female relative has become a target for the cartel is not a surprise to observers of the bitter gangland feud.


Last year, it emerged that more than 50 women were linked to the mobs involved in the bitter gang war between the Hutch mob and the Kinahan cartel.

A special investigation by the Herald established that more than 30 of these women are tied to the gang associated with feud murder victims Gary Hutch and his uncle, Eddie Hutch Snr.

One north inner city woman, who has been identified as an associate of the Hutch gang, is said to have a pathological hatred of gardai. Another woman aligned to the Hutch gang is a serial shoplifter.

Also among the women that gardai have established are linked to the Hutch mob are the mother and girlfriend of one of the suspected Regency Hotel gunmen.

He is believed to have been one of the criminals disguised as a garda and armed with a deadly AK-47.

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