Sunday 19 November 2017

Mansfield son's ammo trial set for November

Jim Mansfield Jr
Jim Mansfield Jr

A new date has been set for the trial of a son of late billionaire hotel boss Jim Mansfield, who is facing an ammunition charge.

Jim Mansfield Jnr will be tried at Dublin District Court in November, accused of unlawful possession of 180 rounds of ammunition at his home in the south of the county.

The case was due to be heard before the non-jury court this month but has been delayed by legal and administrative issues.

These were addressed and Judge Kathryn Hutton set the new date.

A similar case against his brother, PJ Mansfield, relating to a separate search is before another court.

The accused are sons of Jim Mansfield Snr, who died in January 2014.

He was the businessman behind the Citywest Hotel, Weston Airport and a number of other high-profile ventures. Several of these other businesses collapsed in the recession.

Jim Mansfield Jnr (49) is charged with having 180 rounds of .22 Walther ammunition without a firearms licence at his home at Tassaggart House in Saggart. He has pleaded not guilty.

The hearing is expected to take a full day and will include CCTV evidence.

Judge Hutton adjourned the case in his absence to November 27. Mr Mansfield Jnr was not required to be present.

Previously, Detective Garda Ian Pemberton alleged that gardai searched Mr Mansfield Jnr's home under warrant and located a legally-held Walther pistol, as well as 480 rounds of ammunition - which was 180 rounds in excess of the licence.


Two further charges of possession of a Fabarm pump- action shotgun and 19 rounds of 12-gauge shotgun cartridges with a certificate were struck out earlier.

Orders were made for disclosure of prosecution documents to the defence.

In the case of PJ Mansfield, another judge previously refused jurisdiction to deal with his charge at district court level.

He is currently facing trial at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court.

PJ Mansfield (39) is accused of possession of 1,257 rounds of Walther ammunition without a firearms licence at his former home at Coldwater Lakes, Saggart, on January 29, 2015.

He has also pleaded not guilty.

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