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Man who abused gardai and refused to do community service is jailed


Gardai are investigating the incident

Gardai are investigating the incident

Gardai are investigating the incident

A YOUNG man who abused gardai when they were trying to arrest a driver of a car and then tried to prevent the driver’s arrest has been sentenced to two months in prison after he refused to do community service work.

Shane Howarth (20) was offered the chance to complete community service work in lieu of a prison sentence, but told Balbriggan District court he “doesn’t want to do it.”

Howarth, of Pinewood Green Lawns, pleaded guilty to using threatening and abusive behaviour on June 5 at Pinewood Green Lawns, in Balbriggan.

His co-accused Wayne Farrell (35) of Pinewood Green Road, who also pleaded guilty to the same offence, was given a two-month suspended sentence.

Sergeant Tony Tighe told the court that while gardai were in Pinewood Green Lawns searching a car, Howarth and Farrell came over and “started to abuse gardai”.

“When the driver of the car was being arrested, both defendants became more abusive and tried to block the detention of the driver,” said Sgt Tighe.

Both men were arrested. Sgt Tighe said Howarth had no previous convictions and Farrell had 13 previous convictions.

Howarth’s solicitor, Fiona D’Arcy, said her client did have a job in a factory, but he lost it.

“He doesn’t want to be in Balbriggan and isn’t in a position to do community service,” said Ms D’Arcy. However, she clarified the position when Judge Dermot Dempsey asked if it is the case that he “won’t do it or can’t do it”. Ms D’Arcy said Howarth “won’t do community service”.

Judge Dempsey then convicted and sentenced him to two months in prison.

Defence barrister for Farrell, Patrick Jackson, said the 35-year-old apologised to the gardai and the court.

“He has no good reason why he did what he did,” said Mr Jackson, adding that Farrell was  receiving treatment.

Judge Dempsey convicted and sentenced Farrell to two months in prison, suspended for one year.