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Man 'unable to work' lugged baggage on and off tour coach


Janis Kapteinis pictured with President Michael D Higgins

Janis Kapteinis pictured with President Michael D Higgins


Janis Kapteinis pictured with President Michael D Higgins

A Dublin Airport caterer has dropped personal injury claims for €120,000 after he was seen carrying heavy suitcases on to a coach he drove while claiming he was unfit to work.

Janis Kapteinis, a city-based Latvian, withdrew two €60,000 claims against insurance firms after Eve Bolster, counsel for Hertz Rent-a-Car, produced photographs of the 34-year-old lugging baggage on and off a tour coach.


Ms Bolster said Kapteinis, of Ashton Green, Swords, Co Dublin, had also been photographed parking the coach away from his home so that he would not be suspected of driving it.

Kapteinis said he drove the coach about four times a month as a favour to the owner, even though he claimed he was unable to work.

The court was told the personal injury claims related to a road traffic accident in 2013 involving a motorist from Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh, and another in 2014 involving Hertz Rent-a-Car.

Kapteinis claimed he received back injuries in the first accident and that these were exacerbated by the second. He claimed neither crash had been his fault. He denied suggestions that he had been involved in two other accidents that he had not disclosed.

Kapteinis also told the court he knew nothing about an accident allegedly involving his private car and from which six claims had arisen, two from occupants of his car and four from passengers in the other car.

Ms Bolster said she would be calling a witness who would tell the court Kapteinis had slammed on his brakes, causing the rear-ending of his car.

After a brief adjournment, counsel for Kapteinis told the court his client was withdrawing both personal injury claims.


Circuit Court President Mr Justice Raymond Groarke said he would dismiss both claims and awarded costs against Kapteinis to both defendants.

Football fan Kapteinis is proudly pictured with President Michael D Higgins on the Latvian's Facebook page.

The photograph was taken on July 21 last year when St Patrick's FC played Dinamo Minsk of Belarus at Richmond Park.