Friday 24 November 2017

Man jailed over sex blackmail

A man who blackmailed victims he approached for sex in a public toilet was jailed for four years.

Darren Witham (38), of Terrington, Norfolk in south-east England, blackmailed four men he spoke to in the toilet block off an alleyway in King's Lynn.

He approached the men and encouraged them to take part in sexual acts before claiming to be a police officer and demanding cash in exchange for his silence.

He appeared before Norwich Crown Court after earlier admitting two counts of blackmail.

Lost fisherman hunt continues

SEARCHES for the bodies of three missing men in the sea off west Cork are set to continue today.

The divers are expected to return to the sheltered cove where the bodies of two of five missing men from the sunken Tit Bonhomme were found last Thursday.

The bodies of two of five missing from the boat, which sank last Sunday, have been recovered.

The Tit Bonhomme's skipper, Michael Hayes (52), and Egyptians Wael Mohammed and Saied Ali Eldin are still missing.

Dept slammed over rent move

Housing association Threshold has accused the Government of hiding behind social welfare tenants in how it has cut rent supplement rates.

The department confirmed that it has instructed tenants to seek a rent reduction straight away from their landlords and not to wait until their lease renewal date.

Threshold has criticised the Department for this course of action, accusing them of hiding behind vulnerable tenants. It said it had received a large number of calls from social welfare tenants who were left with no option but to leave their accommodation

Water woes for 1,500 families

Water restrictions affecting 1,500 households in Limerick are likely to continue for several days.

Council crews are working on trying to stem an oil leak, which has polluted the River Deel and affected the local water supply. Up to 2,000 litres of heavy fuel oil leaked accidentally from a commercial plant located outside Newcastle West.

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