Wednesday 26 September 2018

Man jailed for life after stabbing Irish neighbour to death in row

Mr Martin was stabbed twice
Mr Martin was stabbed twice

A British man has been jailed for life for stabbing his Irish neighbour to death following a drunken row.

Darryn Madigan (38) claimed he accidentally plunged a kitchen knife into 45-year-old Co Meath man John Martin's body as they fell into bushes in the early hours of August 7 last year.

A jury at the Old Bailey in London found him guilty of murder and he was sentenced to life in jail, with a minimum term of 16 years.

Prosecutor Oliver Glasgow had told the court the defendant had attacked his neighbour in the front garden of his flat in north-west London.

He had armed himself with a 20cm-long kitchen knife and plunged it into Mr Martin's ribcage and through his heart.


Mr Martin, who fell into a bush, was pronounced dead at the scene.

The bare-chested defendant was found covered in blood and smelling of alcohol outside the house.

Afterwards, he told police that he had waved the knife to "try and scare him off".

"His head came into contact with mine. I think he butted me," Madigan said.

"I remember falling into the bushes. I was stunned by the impact of his head hitting me. I realised during the struggle that the knife had gone into him."

Madigan denied murder but admitted manslaughter. He claimed he was scared of the victim, who had threatened to kill him.

Mr Martin, originally from Donore, Co Meath, had been out with his girlfriend and returned home drunk at around 2.50am.

He was allegedly heard shouting up at the defendant's window in an abusive and threatening way.

Mr Glasgow told jurors: "Thus it is that you are likely to hear evidence about the behaviour of John Martin that some of you may find unpalatable - the fact he was drunk and abusive may do little to endear him to you.


"However, none of that provides the defendant with a defence to murder, nor could it, since the mere fact that someone is drunk and abusive could never justify killing that person in cold blood."

Mr Glasgow said that the defendant claimed he picked up the knife merely to protect himself.

However, he said the explanation he stabbed him twice by accident was "far-fetched".

Following the conviction, Detective Inspector Joe Daly said: "We are pleased Madigan has been brought to account for what was a vicious attack that arose out of a minor verbal altercation.

"It has devastated John's girlfriend and his wider family."

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