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Man is accused of throwing fencing in front of vehicle


Karl Smith allegedly caused €500 worth of damage to fence

Karl Smith allegedly caused €500 worth of damage to fence

Karl Smith allegedly caused €500 worth of damage to fence

A young man has been accused of endangering motorists by throwing metal fencing on to a road as he tried to free horses from an enclosure.

Karl Smith (23) allegedly threw the fencing on to the road where a driver was unable to stop in time and crashed into it.

The horses had earlier been rounded up as they wandered loose in west Dublin.

Mr Smith, of Croftwood Drive, Ballyfermot, pleaded not guilty to charges of endangering traffic and criminal damage.

Judge Paula Murphy adjourned the case before Blanchardstown District Court for hearing on a later date.

Gda Sgt Maria Callaghan told the court it was reported that stray horses were wandering on Station Road, Clondalkin, on December 9, 2017.

It was 9.02am and horses were running between traffic and on to a small green area directly opposite a new housing estate.

The green area had fencing around it. It was closed off, and it had been agreed by security that the horses should be kept there until arrangements were made to remove them.


The horses were still in the enclosure waiting to be picked up when three men arrived on foot.

It was alleged that the accused was one of these men, and they left the area when gardai were called.

It was alleged that Mr Smith returned and broke the fence securing the horses, throwing part of it on to the road.

A man and his wife travelling in a black Audi drove into the fence, damaging their car, the court heard.

It was claimed they saw the accused throwing the fence on to the roadway, but the driver could not avoid crashing into it.

The value of the damage caused to the fence was €500, and there was no charge in relation to the damage to the car, the court heard.

Judge Murphy accepted jurisdiction to deal with the case at district court level.

Defence barrister Jennifer Jackson said Mr Smith was pleading not guilty.

The case was adjourned to a date in October.