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Man 'having a bad day' verbally abused gardai


John Connors (21) of Boherboy Road in Saggart, Co Dublin

John Connors (21) of Boherboy Road in Saggart, Co Dublin

John Connors (21) of Boherboy Road in Saggart, Co Dublin

A YOUNG man who was "having a bad day" and began to verbally abuse gardai as they approached him while he was sitting in a parked car has been convicted and fined €150.

John Connors (21) was warned by Judge Alan Mitchell to "co-operate and be respectful towards gardai" in the future.

Connors, of Boherboy Road, Saggart, pleaded guilty at Blanchardstown District Court to engaging in offensive conduct at McDonald's car park in the Mill Centre, Clondalkin, last November 19.

Gda Keith Collins gave evidence that Connors was in a Mitsubishi Pajero with a number of other people and when gardai approached the vehicle, Connors got out and approached gardai.

"He became verbally abusive, and after I had asked him to desist he continued and had to be restrained before he was arrested," said Gda Collins.

He said Connors has 14 previous convictions, including one for public order offences.

Defence solicitor Simon Fleming said the 21-year-old knows he acted inappropri- ately towards gardai and apologises.


"He is under a lot of pressure and knows gardai were only doing their job," said Mr Fleming, adding that Connors was "having a bad day".

Mr Fleming said Connors had €100 with him in court which he could make as a charitable donation.

However, Judge Mitchell refused to accept the donation.

"The fact that he has previous, it is not a matter for the Probation Act," he said, convicting Connors.

"I can't condone his behaviour."