Friday 19 January 2018

Man 'grabbed partner's son by scruff of the neck'

Judge David McHugh
Judge David McHugh

A MAN who assaulted his partner's son and threatened to "put him on his back" the minute he got into the house, has been given a one-month suspended sentence.

Alan Royle (40) was warned by Judge David McHugh "not to look sideways" at his victim. The judge added that he considers the defendant to be "a hazard" who may do the same thing again.

Royle, of Corduff Grove, Blanchardstown, pleaded guilty to contravening a safety order last October 15 by putting his hands on Michael O'Connor and threatening him at Corduff Grove.

He further pleaded guilty to assaulting Mr O'Connor (24) and putting him in fear last January 1 at the same address.

Gda Michael McGloin said he spoke to Mr O'Connor on the night and he told him that Royle had grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and pushed him into the hallway.

"The defendant threatened him and told him he would put him on his back the minute he got into the house," said Gda McGloin.

The officer said the safety order had been in place since November 2013 and that it has been an ongoing issue as gardai have been called a number of times.

Royle's solicitor said his client has been living at the address with Mr O'Connor's mother and that Mr O'Connor is the applicant of the safety order.

"They are all living peacefully now. At the time, the defendant had been separated from Mr O'Connor's mother but she had invited him back into the house," the solicitor said.

After Judge McHugh noted that there had been a number of previous incidents of the same type against the defendant, he said it "doesn't bode well for him".

"He should be going through those doors today," said the judge, "as he is a hazard. I suggest he doesn't look sideways at his victim."

He sentenced Royle to one month in prison which he suspended for two years.

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