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Man found dead in Tallaght house was jailed for massive cocaine haul


A body is removed from the house to an ambulance (Picture: Caroline Quinn)

A body is removed from the house to an ambulance (Picture: Caroline Quinn)

A body is removed from the house to an ambulance (Picture: Caroline Quinn)

A 40-year-old man whose lifeless body was found in a house in Tallaght was a convicted drugs trafficker who was previously given a nine-year jail sentence after being caught with almost €2m worth of cocaine.

Gardai are not treating the death of Keith Mahon as suspicious following the discovery of his body on a stairway landing at the property in Ellensborough Lodge at around 4.30am yesterday.

Officers decided to preserve the scene after blood was discovered around Mahon's head, and a post mortem took place on his body at Tallaght Hospital yesterday afternoon.

Sources revealed there was no sign of a break-in or any other suspicious factors at the house.

Mahon was originally from the Brookmount area of Tallaght and, in December 2006, he received a 12-year jail sentence, with the final three years suspended, after admitting possessing €1.9m worth of cocaine.

The court heard that the 15kg of the drug which was found at an apartment at Muckross Avenue, Crumlin, on August 15, 2005, was worth €1m - but had a value of nearly double that if combined with a mixing agent also found at the flat.

Gardai were called to the address because of a smell coming from the ground floor apartment and found a large cardboard box containing white powder in a room.

A search warrant was obtained while the flat was kept under surveillance.


Gardai discovered the haul of the drug and mixing agent - alongside drug paraphernalia such as scales, plastic bags and components of a machine, including a hydraulic pump, used to compress cocaine.

Mahon used a key to enter the flat and told gardai he took full responsibility for the drugs.

Gardai agreed with Judge Joseph Matthews that the apartment could be described as a "drugs processing plant".

Judge Matthews heard that the apartment had been rented by Mahon a year earlier and that he used it exclusively to store and deal with the cocaine before passing it on to others.

Mahon had no previous convictions at the time.