Monday 11 December 2017

Man foamed at the mouth and told gardai to 'f**k off'

A MAN who was drunk and started foaming at the mouth told gardai to "f**k off" when they asked him for his details before arresting him for public order offences, a court has heard.

A bench warrant was issued at Swords District Court for the arrest of Kenneth Boylan (30) for the purpose of sentencing him after he failed to appear before the court to answer the charges.

He was found guilty of the public order offences in his absence when Judge Dermot Dempsey proceeded with the case on a not-guilty basis.

Boylan, of Edenmore Grove, in Coolock, was found guilty of being intoxicated, refusing to give his details to gardai and using threatening and abusive behaviour on Main Street in Swords on January 13 this year.

Garda Niamh Carey gave evidence that she had received an anonymous report that Boylan, who was wearing a suit and a duffel coat, was acting aggressively on Main Street in Swords at 3.55am.

She said she approached Boylan and spoke with him.

"He was intoxicated and became very aggressive towards me," said Gda Carey, adding that Boylan started to foam at the mouth.

"When he started to foam at the mouth, I believed that he was under the influence of other substances," said Gda Carey.

She said when she asked Boylan for his details, he responded with "What the f**k are you asking me that for? and "You f**kers coming up to an innocent man."

She said Boylan then told her to "f**k off" before she arrested him.

She said Boylan continued to be aggressive and abusive while he was being brought to Swords Garda Station.

While in the station, she said Boylan started to "kick chairs over and became violent." She said she charged him with the offences the next morning.

On hearing all of the garda's evidence, Judge Dermot Dempsey convicted Boylan of the offences.

He issued a bench warrant for Boylan's arrest for the purpose of sentencing him.

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