Saturday 16 December 2017

Man damaged car in drink-drug binge


Damien Nowicki (21) of Riverview Apartments, Celbridge
Damien Nowicki (21) of Riverview Apartments, Celbridge

A young man drank a litre of vodka and took sleeping pills before he used a brick to break into a car in what a judge has called "unbelievable thuggery".

Judge David McHugh wondered "how he is still alive" after the incident.

"It was quite a concoction he took," Judge McHugh added.

Damien Nowicki (21) caused nearly €600 worth of damage to a Citroen car, which was parked in an estate near his home after he took the concoction, Blanchardstown District Court has heard.

Garda Martina Nolan said Nowicki was seen using a brick to damage the car and admitted both offences five days later.

Defence solicitor Jennifer Jackson said the incident "was completely out of character".

"He cannot give an explanation as to why he acted in the way he did, bar the amount of intoxicants he had taken," said Ms Jackson.

She said the defendant, who lives with his mother, has saved €590 to compensate the car owner.


Nowicki, of Riverview Apartments in Celbridge, pleaded guilty to causing €590 worth of damage to the car at Priory Green, St Raphael's Manor in Celbridge on January 21, and to handling the stolen Sat Nav.

Judge David McHugh said on looking at the facts of the case the defendant "should get an outright prison sentence".

"But then, on hearing he drank the vodka I wonder how he is still alive after that. It was quite a concoction he took," said Judge McHugh, convicting and fining him €100.

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