Sunday 17 December 2017

Man caught with can of CS gas and drugs

Eoghan O'Grady
Eoghan O'Grady

A YOUNG man caught with a can of CS gas claimed he got it to make his girlfriend feel safe after she moved in with him.

Eoghan O'Grady (21) said a man kept ringing his door bell and his girlfriend was frightened.

O'Grady was also found with cocaine and sleeping tablets after his home was searched by gardai.

He claimed he was put under pressure to sell the drugs after he built up a drug debt.

Judge David McHugh sentenced O'Grady to four months in prison.

The defendant, with an address at Cairn Court, Ballymun, admitted before Blanchardstown District Court to possession of cocaine and zopiclone sleeping tablets for sale or supply.

He also admitted to having a canister of CS gas under his control in the same incident at Hamptonwood Avenue, Finglas, last May 22.

Gda Michael Parry Jones said that during a search of the defendant's home he found €490 worth of cocaine and €250 worth of zopiclone tablets.

The court heard O'Grady had five previous convictions, mostly for drug-related offences.

Defence lawyer Jennifer Jackson said O'Grady got the CS gas canister when his girlfriend moved in with him to make her feel safe as a man kept ringing the doorbell and scaring her.

Ms Jackson said O'Grady, a father-of-two, cooperated fully with gardai and had not been in trouble since 2012.

She said the defendant had a drug debt and pressure was put on him to sell drugs to pay this off.

She added that O'Grady's father left when he was two and his mother died when he was 16.

Ms Jackson also said he "went off the rails", but had turned his life around recently.

Four months for youth who had CS gas, drugs

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