Friday 15 December 2017

Man caught using hammer on payphone that swallowed his €3

A MAN caught trying to break open the same payphone outside a garda station twice in one day has been told he has "no future in crime".

A garda was walking to work when he saw Tony Simpson at an Eircom phone box outside Mountjoy Garda Station on the North Circular Road.

He had a lanyard around his neck with a tool on it and was interfering with the coin box.

Simpson (41) had been "at the end of his tether" after a row with his partner and he "took umbrage" with the phone box after it swallowed his €3, the court heard.

He was arrested at 9.28am and released, but at 1.40pm he was again caught interfering with the phone box - this time using a hammer.


"I don't think he has a future in crime," Judge Anthony Halpin said.

"He's his own worst enemy, committing a crime outside a garda station," the judge added.

Defense solicitor Stephen O'Mahony said: "He lost his temper - he was already at the end of his tether and decided to try to get his money back.

"Rather than learning his lesson at being arrested the first time, he went home to get his tools and again he was caught."

Judge Halpin said Simpson was "either very courageous or very stupid".

Simpson, of Cabra Park, Cabra, admitted causing criminal damage to the phone's coin slot and dispenser and having a multi-tool and claw hammer with intent to damage.

Dublin District Court heard the incidents happened on May 28 last.


Simpson had no previous convictions.

The judge adjourned the case to September and said he would apply the Probation Act if Simpson paid €80 compensation to Eircom and €20 to charity.

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