Thursday 20 September 2018

Man caught behind the wheel just months after ban

Paul Malone is ‘sorting out’ a problem with drugs
Paul Malone is ‘sorting out’ a problem with drugs

A man caught driving only months after receiving a two-year ban has been jailed.

Judge David McHugh sentenced 22-year-old Paul Malone to three months in prison and disqualified him from driving for five years.

Malone had a record of motoring offences.

The judge refused to suspend his jail time, saying he had "broken a court order".

Malone, with an address at Sheephill Avenue, Blanchards-town, admitted before Blanch- ardstown District Court to driving without insurance or a licence.

The incident took place at Blanchardstown Road North on February 26.

Gda Sgt Maria Callaghan said officers were on patrol shortly before midnight when they stopped Malone driving a 2004-registered BMW.

The sergeant said there was no insurance disc on the car window and a garda knew that Malone was a disqualified driver.

The court heard he has five previous convictions, and received a two-year driving ban last October.


Sgt Callaghan said he received a further disqualification of four years early last month, which was only days after the incident in question.

Defence solicitor Liam Cado- gan said Malone previously had a problem with drugs but is "sorting that out" and has been clean since Christmas.

He said Malone is living with his father and working as a warehouse operative.

The lawyer said the defendant is separated from his partner, with whom he has a young child.

The court heard he is aware that what he did was "extremely wrong".

Mr Cadogan said Malone is working shifts, and when he is not at work he cares for his child.

He asked the judge not to send him to jail, saying he was doing his best to turn his life around.

Judge McHugh refused, imposing the three-month custodial sentence and saying that Malone had broken a court order.

Malone immediately appealed the sentence.

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