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Man broke into house to get travel cash

A MAN who broke into a house to get money to travel abroad and visit a sick relative had his case adjourned to see if he is suitable for community service.

Judge David McHugh said he would consider handing Noel Kelly (47) 120 hours of community work to complete in lieu of a three-month prison sentence after he heard Kelly has no previous convictions.

Kelly, of Kiltalawn Avenue, Tallaght, pleaded guilty to trespassing and theft at a house in Cherrywood Drive, Clondalkin, and being in possession of tools with the intent to use them in the course of a burglary last February 19.

Gda Joseph Kavanagh said he came across Kelly, who he saw absconding from the house over a wall.

He arrested Kelly and found a rucksack with the tools inside. He was also wearing latex gloves.

The house was empty at the time.

The defence solicitor told Judge David McHugh that the father-of-five had received bad news about a relative abroad who was ill.


"He met another man who told him a way of getting money to help him travel abroad to the relative," said the solicitor.

"He has no recollection and the unknown person encouraged him to take part in the crime," she said. Judge McHugh replied: "He's a grown man."

Judge McHugh ordered a probation report to see if Kelly is suitable for community service work.