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Man broke ex's finger as he forced way into home


Jerzy Michalak

Jerzy Michalak

Jerzy Michalak

A MEAT FACTORY worker broke his ex-partner's finger when he forced his way into her apartment in the early hours of the morning looking for his clothes, a court heard.

Jerzy Michalak (46) forcefully pushed inside when his former girlfriend answered the door, causing her to break her finger in the ensuing scuffle.

The woman said her apartment was "destroyed" during the altercation and she spent an hour cleaning it afterwards despite her injury.


Judge Anthony Halpin ordered Michalak to pay €1,000 to the victim and adjourned the case at Dublin District Court.

The accused, of North Circular Road, Dublin 7, was charged with assaulting Ewa Zych at Howth Road on July 9, 2014.

He initially denied the charge, but changed his plea to guilty after a hearing.

Ms Zych said Michalak had left some of his clothes there for safe keeping after the relationship ended.

He arrived at 4am, ringing the bell and told her he wanted to get his clothes, then pushed her inside. There was a scuffle in which he slapped her in the face.

"I had my finger broken, he was pushing me and hitting me," she said.

The accused called her names and left an hour later.

Ms Zych cleaned up because she was afraid she would lose the apartment if her landlady saw the mess.

She said the accused had met her at the airport earlier but denied he gave her flowers.

"I am just afraid of this man," she said, adding that he was "controlling" and "I am not his possession."

When she saw Facebook pictures of Michalak and his new partner, she said she was upset but "felt relief that he had somebody else who will look after him and wash for him and then maybe he will leave me alone".