Monday 18 December 2017

Lover caught taking drugs into the 'Joy

SMUGGLER: Inmate's partner hid 25 pills on jail visit

A WOMAN caught smuggling drugs into Mountjoy jail was supporting her inmate partner's habit, a court heard.

Orla O'Neill (31) had 25 different illegal tablets of three different varieties on her when she was searched while on her way in for a visit. Judge Hugh O'Donnell convicted her and fined her €500. O'Neill, of Caragh Court, Naas, Co Kildare, admitted attempting to smuggle drugs into the prison on July 5 this year.

Garda Sarah Flynn told the court the accused was passing through security while visiting a prisoner on the day when a sniffer dog alerted the officers to the presence of drugs.


When asked if she had anything, she handed over a package of tablets. When analysed, the 25 pills were three different types of controlled drug.

The defendant had five previous convictions, the last of which was in 2007, for possession of drugs.

Defence solicitor Paul Hannon said the accused had co-operated as soon as the presence of drugs was indicated. She apologised for the offence.

The court heard O'Neill's long term partner was an inmate in Mountjoy and there "would have been an element of pressure in her supporting what was a habit of his".

The accused was taking a secretarial course, was on disability allowance and was living with her parents. "It's something she regrets doing," Mr Hannon said.

"I'm sure she does but you hear on a daily basis about the drugs getting into Mountjoy and here she is, partaking in that," Judge O'Donnell said, before convicting her.


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