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Killer is cleared of 'using fake bus pass to evade city arrest'


Kelly Noble

Kelly Noble

Kelly Noble

Convicted killer Kelly Noble has been cleared of producing a fake bus pass to gardai who stopped her in the street, a court heard.

Ms Noble (35) produced the document "to evade justice" because there was a warrant out for her arrest, gardai claimed.

Judge Bryan Smyth dismissed the case against her after her defence showed that the prosecution did not have the bus pass in court.

Ms Noble, with an address at Sandyhill Avenue, Ballymun, pleaded not guilty to possession of a false document.

Garda Barry Moran told Dublin District Court he was on beat duty in the Temple Bar area on April 29, 2015.

He saw Noble and a man pushing a buggy at 6pm and approached them.

"As I came closer, the female gestured something to the male, then she took off running in the direction of the quays," Garda Moran said. "I approached the male and asked him why the female had run off and he could offer no explanation."

A couple of minutes later, Ms Noble returned and Gda Moran asked her name.

She gave another woman's name and produced a bus pass with a different name on it and became "nervous and agitated", the garda said.


"I didn't believe these were the correct details; I carried out enquiries and they did not match.

"Eventually she informed me that her name was Kelly Noble and I established that there was a bench warrant out for her arrest," Gda Moran added.

The accused's solicitor asked Gda Moran if he had the allegedly false document in court.

"My submission is that [the accused] had this to evade justice because she knew there was a bench warrant," Gda Moran told the court.

"Do you have the document or anything in court to prove that it is a false instrument?" Ms Noble's solicitor asked the garda.

Gda Moran said he did not have the allegedly false bus pass.

"The document isn't in court so it can't even be proved there was any false instrument," the defendant's solicitor said.

"I think she is entitled to a dismissal," Judge Smyth said.

Ms Noble was convicted in 2007 of the manslaughter of 19-year-old Emma McLoughlin, who she stabbed to death outside Pat's Supermarket in Laytown, Co Meath, a year earlier.

The stabbing happened while Ms McLoughlin's screaming children were looking on.