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Jury shown videos of Dwyer stabbing Elaine

Det Gda Brid Wallace
Det Gda Brid Wallace

MURDER accused Graham Dwyer was seen stabbing Elaine O'Hara during sex in a series of videos shown to the jury in his murder trial.

The Central Criminal Court heard Ms O'Hara was in three of 11 clips that were found on a hard drive at the accused's home.

Ms O'Hara was shown naked, bound and screaming as the accused stabbed her as he had sex with her.

Other similar clips featured two other, unidentified women, while in two videos, the accused was seen alone, "pretending" to stab himself with a retractable knife and talking about the effects of chloroform.

Mr Justice Tony Hunt cleared the public from the Central Criminal Court for reasons of obscene material for the third time since the start of the trial, before the series of explicit clips was shown.

The jury was told they were discovered on hard drives that had been seized during a search of the defendant's home at the time of his arrest.

Mr Dwyer sat reading documents in front of him as the videos were played on individual screens to the seven men and five women of the jury.

There was silence in the courtroom as the videos were played with no commenatry given.

Earlier, Judge Hunt had warned the jury that what they were about to see was "not going to be easy".

Mr Dwyer (42), an architect of Kerrymount Close, Foxrock, is pleading not guilty to the murder of Ms O'Hara (36), a childcare assistant, at Killakee, Rathfarnham on August 22, 2012.

Her remains were found by a dog walker in undergrowth in the Dublin mountains on September 13, 2013.

The prosecution maintains Mr Dwyer killed her for his own sexual gratification.

The first clip, entitled 'Blood2.mp4' showed Mr Dwyer alone, stabbing himself in the side with a knife.

The second clip also featured Mr Dwyer alone.

"I'm just after waking up from having knocked myself out with chloroform," he told the camera.

The third clip featured Ms O'Hara, bound and apparently gagged as her screams were muffled, with her arms behind her back.

Mr Dwyer, also naked, stabbed her repeatedly in the abdomen from behind.

In the fourth clip, Mr Dwyer, stabbed Ms O'Hara and rubbed the knife along her skin during sex.

"Now, that wasn't bad, was it?" he was heard saying afterwards.

The fifth clip again showed Ms O'Hara bound and gagged. Mr Dwyer, was shown sitting astride her and stabbing her as she screamed.

The sixth clip was called 'Attempted Breast stab' and featured a woman whose hands were bound by handcuffs, sitting in a bed.

A man was seen attempting to stab her breast from behind. The woman was screaming and afterwards said: "Stop this please".

Clip number 7 was entitled 'Bloodletting'. In this clip a man drew a knife across a woman's breast, which bled.

Clip 8, 'First Stabbing', featured a man stabbing a bound and gagged woman at least nine times.

The ninth clip was called 'Third Stabbing' and featured a woman screaming out and sobbing as a man stabs her with a knife. He was heard saying "ssh, ssh" afterwards.

The tenth clip was called 'After Third Stabbing' and showed blood streaming from a woman's side onto the bed.

Clip 11, was called 'Fake Stabbing'. This clip showed man alleged to be Mr Dwyer with a bound and gagged woman, stabbing her repeatedly with a retractable knife.

Detective Garda Brid Wallace was giving evidence as the clips were played.

In cross-examination, she told Defence Barrister Ronan Kennedy the videos of Mr Dwyer alone were undated.

The last written dates of videos featuring Ms O'Hara were October 19, 2008 for the first two and October 28, 2008 for the third.

The trial continues.


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