Wednesday 19 September 2018

Job-seeker forged bill to open account

Andrius Parfionovas
Andrius Parfionovas

A JOB-SEEKER forged his name on an electricity bill so he could open a bank account to help him get a PPS number, a court heard

Andrius Parfionovas (32) was caught when the wrong name was spotted on the bill.

The accused, of Moyglass Dene, Lucan, pleaded guilty to using a false Electric Ireland Bill at Ulster Bank, Main Street, Lucan, last April 27.

Judge David McHugh applied the Probation Act, leaving the accused without a criminal record.

Blanchardstown District Court heard Parfionovas tried to open the account at 3.30pm, having altered the name.

Defence solicitor Simon Fleming said the accused had his own passport with him at the time but also needed proof of address.

He had been in Ireland before, but in relation to his current stay he had only been in the country since March.

"He thought it would be a clever idea," Mr Fleming said of the offence.

"He only wanted to open a bank account and get a PPS number so he could look for work."


The defendant was from Lithuania and looking to do any job, said Mr Fleming.

He was not entitled to social welfare.

Parfionovas apologised for his behaviour.

Judge McHugh said that in the circumstances, he would dismiss the charge under the Probation Act.

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