Saturday 23 February 2019

Irene's husband 'shocked' to learn of murder contract on wife

Alan White outside court
Alan White outside court

Alan White, Irene's husband, expressed his surprise outside court at hearing that someone ordered his wife's murder, telling the Herald: "I am shocked about all the information."

When asked to comment about previous rumours that he was in some way linked to his wife's death, Mr White said: "You can't speak for what people believe in."

Asked if he was surprised to hear that someone ordered his wife's murder, Mr White said he was shocked about all the information. Asked did he know who ordered the murder, Mr White said: "No, no."

He then added that he was sure gardai were still working on the case, and that he was confident that other people would be brought to justice.

"This doesn't surprise me, that it has taken a long time to come about, but in the end it did. We were waiting for this stage to come," he said as he left the court. Speaking from his home in Knockbridge, Co Louth, 12 years ago, Mr White had told a Sunday newspaper: "I did not kill my wife. I know I am a suspect, but when someone's wife is murdered, the husband is normally blamed for it.


"I had not been living with Irene for five months before she was murdered and I was completely shocked when I was told about it - and I am still shocked now."

He added that he "loved Irene" and he "had not been with another woman since".

Mr White also revealed that he was arrested under Section 20 of the Offences Against the State Act on suspicion of withholding information.

"I still cannot understand why they arrested me. I don't know whether it was some kind of publicity stunt or not," he said. "The fact is that, ever since this happened, I have always been on very civil terms with gardai. Over the past year (2005-2006) I met with them on numerous occasions at my mother's house in Dundalk."

He went on to describe his interactions with the investigators: "We would sit down and I always answered all the questions they asked me, so it was very frustrating to get arrested.

"I spent two days in Kells Garda Station. It was so weird. When I was being brought to the station and brought home, gardai were talking and joking with me, but it was a different story in the station."

He said he felt "inclined to answer questions" because "if I was not answering what they asked, it would have seemed I had something to hide - and I have nothing to hide."

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