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'I'll slice you from limb to limb' - woman's threat to female garda


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A mother-of-three threatened a female garda that she would "slice her from limb to limb" before making an "ear to mouth" gesture mimicking a slash attack, a court has heard.

Christine Ward (33) was in the holding cell area at the Criminal Courts of Justice when she made the threat to the off-icer, on whom she had earlier spat.

She was angry at being refused bail after her arrest for causing a disturbance in a clinic.

Ward was spared jail after Judge Fiona Lydon gave her a three-month suspended sentence.

She pleaded guilty to assault and threatening to cause serious harm to the officer.

Gda Aine Dever told Dublin District Court she was called to a disturbance at Aisling Clinic, Ballyfermot Road, on April 1 last year.

Ward, of North Circular Road, was arguing with her mother and causing a disturbance. She became abusive to members of the public when she was asked to leave.

Ward had been intoxicated and was "under the influence of some substance", her lawyer said.


Gda Dara Kenny said Ward was taken to a garda station cell to be charged. She became "particularly irate" and spat on Gda Dever's trousers, which had to be disposed of.

Ward was taken to court, where gardai objected to bail and a judge remanded her in custody.

When taken to the holding cells, she again became irate and spat on another garda.

She then said to Gda Dever: "Wait 'til you see, you'll be sorry, I'll slice you from limb to limb."

Gda Kenny said Ward "drew a line from her ear to her mouth mimicking an assault".

"It wasn't a pleasant experience for Gda Dever," Gda Kenny said.

"I would never cut anyone, never ever," Ward said in a later garda interview. "I am so sorry. Aine, if you're listening to this tape, I would never cut anyone. That is a bad thing that I said."

The accused had a disadvantaged childhood, had been in violent relationships and was shot by her ex-partner in 2003, her lawyer said.

Ward was depressed, add- icted and had been "mixing medication" at the time of the incident. She had little recollection of what happened.