Sunday 26 May 2019

I'll kill myself with scissors, jilted lover threatened after break-up

'The victims have claimed they were
'The victims have claimed they were "living in constant fear" of the defendant.' (stock photo)

A rejected lover told his ex-girlfriend he would stab himself to death with scissors, a court has heard.

Sean Smith (29) followed the victim down the road while holding the scissors and making threats.

Then he entered her home and repeated his threats to kill himself to another terrified woman there.

Blanchardstown District Court was told the incident happened after he and the young woman, who had split up last March, met by chance and had a brief reconciliation.

However, her decision that she did not want to pursue the romance devastated him and led to the offences on June 29.

The victims have claimed they were "living in constant fear" of the defendant.

Judge David McHugh adjourned sentencing for reports.

Smith, of Whitestown Ave-nue, Mulhuddart, pleaded guilty to producing scissors capable of causing injury and resisting arrest at Castleknock Elms, Castleknock.

Gda Cara Mulvey said that when Smith went into the home, he was shouting and pacing, still holding the scissors, and threatened to kill himself.


Gda Mulvey said Smith was highly intoxicated and was "not making any sense". He was also uncooperative and violent with gardai at the time of arrest.

The court heard Smith had three previous convictions, including one for trespass at the same address.

Defence solicitor Simon Fleming said Smith had been dating one of the women and they broke up last March.

They had not seen each other for months, and he had moved on to a new relationship.

However, they bumped into each other in a club, rekindled their romance and spent a number of days together.

Mr Fleming said the woman then decided she did not want any more to do with Smith, and he reacted badly.

Mr Fleming said Smith acc- epted that his behaviour could only have put the two women in fear.

The court heard that Smith fractured his skull and suffered a brain haemorrhage in 2010 and spent three weeks in intensive care.

Mr Fleming said Smith had gone on to develop difficulties with alcohol and other substances, but had been receiving counselling.

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