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Iglesias fan kicked bouncer in groin outside 3Arena gig


Kinga McGrath felt aggrieved at being ejected from concert

Kinga McGrath felt aggrieved at being ejected from concert

Kinga McGrath felt aggrieved at being ejected from concert

A mother-of-two kicked a doorman in the groin and a garda in the leg when she became "hysterical" at being ejected from an Enrique Iglesias concert at Dublin's 3Arena.

Kinga McGrath (34) launched a "vicious assault" on the security guard after she was arrested for threatening behaviour outside the venue.

McGrath claimed she had felt aggrieved at being ejected after she and her sisters had themselves been assaulted in a separate earlier incident at the singer's gig.

Judge John Hughes said her violent behaviour went "way past hysterical" and adjourned the case for a probation report.

McGrath, of Ardshanavooly, Park Road, Killarney, Co Kerry, pleaded guilty to assault, garda obstruction and threatening, abusive and insulting behaviour.

Gda Thomas Hughes told Dublin District Court he was on duty at the arena last October 21 when he encountered a security guard having problems with McGrath.


She was highly intoxicated, swearing and roaring at the guard, and when told to desist she began screaming obscenities in the garda's face.

As she was being arrested, she walked over to the security man and kicked him in the groin.

He pushed her away, and Gda Hughes held on to McGrath as she tried to walk back to the security man.

McGrath kicked the garda in the shin and he restrained her on the ground.

She had no previous convictions.

The three sisters were "vociferous in their protestations" and felt they were the ones deserving of justice, McGrath's lawyer said.

To link "some perceived injustice" to kicking the guard in the groin was "a perversion on reality", the judge said.

"It must have been a sight to behold the profanities at an evening out, the dulcet tones of Ms McGrath in the air," he added.

The accused's sisters, Patrycja Huminska (25) and Aneta Zaranek (36), were charged with breach of the peace, but their cases were adjourned for the administering of a caution.