Monday 27 January 2020

'I was on my way to ATM', said thief with trolley of groceries

Lorna Plummer passed all points of payment in Tesco
Lorna Plummer passed all points of payment in Tesco

A shopper who filled her trolley with more than €500 worth of groceries and left without paying claimed she was on her way to an ATM to get cash.

Lorna Plummer (34) said she was shopping for her partner's elderly mother after being trusted with her bank card.

She had previous theft convictions and was under a suspended sentence.

Judge Bernadette Owens adjourned the case for a prob-ation report.

Plummer, of Hayworth Place, Ongar Village, pleaded guilty to theft.

Dublin District Court heard gardai were called to Tesco, Navan Road, last April 26.

The accused had entered the store, filled a trolley with groceries and toiletries to a total value of €547 and, without paying, went to the customer toilets area before going downstairs.


Plummer was stopped and the goods recovered. Gardai were called and she was arrested.

The accused had a previous heroin addiction and began offending late in life.

Her addiction "completely gripped her" and, after her last conviction, she took matt-ers into her own hands and successfully tackled it.

She was now stable on methadone and was stepmother to two children with her partner.

Plummer had been trusted by her partner's 75-year-old mother with a bank card to get groceries.

She said she was going to the bank machine to get cash to pay for the goods, but accepted she had passed all points of payment.

What happened was not in keeping with how she had been recently, her lawyer said.

Judge Owens said the court had to be concerned that there was a relevant suspended sentence. She said the matter was now in Plummer's hands and adjourned the case.

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