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'I was black and blue' - woman sues taxi driver over Luas crash


Margaret Keating is suing the taxi driver in the case. Photo: Collins

Margaret Keating is suing the taxi driver in the case. Photo: Collins


Margaret Keating is suing the taxi driver in the case. Photo: Collins

A woman has claimed in the High Court that she was injured when a taxi collided with a Luas tram on which she was travelling.

Margaret Keating (63) is suing the taxi driver, claiming that he ran a red light and caused an emergency on the Red Line.

Opening the case yesterday, David McGrath SC, for Ms Keating, said his client, who was sitting at the back of the tram, hit a support bar during the accident.

She claims that she suffered injuries to her neck and shoulder and was "black and blue" in her upper body following the crash.

The accident happened at the junction of Stevens Hill approaching Heuston Station.

Ms Keating said she had not been the same person since the accident.


"It was like a switch going off in my head. I am not the same person since," she told the court.

Ms Keating said that after the accident she got off at the Jervis Street stop, but she was not feeling well and was helped by some people.

She got on a Luas to go home but got off at St James's Hospital to attend A&E.

Ms Keating, of Bluebell Road, Bluebell, Dublin, is suing taxi driver Martin Mulligan, of Leixlip, Co Kildare, over the accident on June 15, 2016.

She claims that Mr Mulligan went through a red traffic light and collided with the Luas which was going through on a green light.

She says that as a result of the accident she has developed a travel anxiety and now has a fear of travelling on trams and trains.

Mr Mulligan denies that Ms Keating suffered injury as a result of the accident.

Cross-examined by Bernard McDonagh SC, for Mr Mulligan, Ms Keating agreed that she was not standing on the Luas at the time of the accident as had been pleaded in court documents.

She also agreed that she was not thrown to the floor.

Referring to CCTV footage shown to the court, counsel put it to her she was not in distress as she exited the Luas after the accident.

Ms Keating said she was in pain and "thought off the Luas I would never get".

She said she had to sit down and was shaking when she got off the tram.

Counsel put it to her that hospital X-rays showed she did not suffer any fractures.

Ms Keating replied she wished she had broken a bone because that could be fixed and "I am not fixed".


She added that she had gone back to college and had got her life back before the accident.

But, she said, she got off the Luas a different person.

She agreed that she had settled an action in the UK in 2002 for £400,000 (€453,000) over an accident that happened in 1996. The case continues.