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Hutch's killers lay in wait for three hours, trial hears


Gareth Hutch

Gareth Hutch

Jonathan Keogh and Thomas Fox deny murder charge

Jonathan Keogh and Thomas Fox deny murder charge


Gareth Hutch

Gareth Hutch's alleged killers are said to have parked their cars in Dublin's Champions Avenue early on the morning of his murder, before walking to his flat where they waited for him for three hours, a trial has heard.

CCTV footage tracking the movements of three Dubliners allegedly involved in Mr Hutch's murder as well as vehicles allegedly linked to them, continued to be shown to the court yesterday.

The prosecution is alleging the men in the CCTV footage are Jonathan Keogh (32), his co-accused Thomas Fox (31) and a third man, Mr AB, who is not before the courts.

The two men, and Keogh's sister, Regina Keogh (41) have denied the murder of Mr Hutch (right).

A nephew of Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch, he was shot dead outside Avondale House in North Cumberland Street on May 24, 2016.

Garda Neil Woods told Fiona Murphy, prosecuting, that at 6.35am on the day of the shooting, a Honda Civic was captured on CCTV in Champions Avenue.

A silver Skoda Octavia was caught on CCTV, driving from the north of the city, arriving at Champions Avenue at 6.47am and parking behind the Civic.

A third vehicle - a black Toyota Avensis - is also on Champions Avenue and it drives off, as two men are seen on CCTV walking from Champions Avenue towards Avondale House.


At 6.47am, the men walk into Avondale House, going into protected witness Mary McDonnell's flat.

At 9.53am, Mr Hutch (36) left his flat and a minute later the two men followed him into the car park where they shot him.

At 9.56am, the CCTV showed the two men running out the pedestrian gate at Avondale House, heading in the direction of Sean McDermott Street.

CCTV showed the Skoda Octavia reverse out of Champions Avenue and speed away.

It is the prosecution case that Mr Fox, of Rutland Court and Ms Keogh, of Avondale House, both Dublin 1, were instrumental in planning the murder, and Mr Keogh and Mr AB were the shooters.

The trial continues.