Saturday 23 February 2019

Hotel guard wrongly fired for showing 'sex tape' to guest

Citywest Hotel
Citywest Hotel

The Citywest Hotel in Dublin has been found to have unfairly dismissed a security guard who let a female guest view footage of herself and a man engaging in a sex act on a corridor.

The Labour Court ruled that the decision to fire Nicholas Reddin was procedurally unfair and awarded him €6,000.

However, the court found that Mr Reddin was 80pc responsible for his dismissal.

The decision overturns an earlier ruling by the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) which found that his sacking was fair.

A colleague alerted Mr Reddin to CCTV footage on October 31, 2015, showing the two guests engaging in a sexual act on a corridor from the previous night.

The following night in the bar when Mr Reddin was trying to get guests to finish their drinks, he made the female guest aware of what he had seen on the security cameras.

According to his own account, he asked her "if she knew what she did the night before".

He then offered to show the woman the footage and she and a friend went to view it at the security base.


The woman complained to the hotel, claiming that Mr Reddin had subjected her and her friend to offensive and inappropriate language and made several sexual remarks toward her.

Mr Reddin told the Labour Court that he didn't engage in any offensive behaviour toward the woman.

As a result of the woman's complaint, Citywest launched disciplinary proceedings against Mr Reddin and he was dismissed at a meeting on December 10, 2015, with immediate effect.

Mr Reddin was fired for displaying inappropriate and offensive behaviour toward a guest and flagrant disregard for the hotel's procedures. His security colleague who played the footage for the two female guests was also subject to disciplinary process.

The Labour Court found that a senior Citywest employee conducted the two disciplinary processes but as she didn't share the account of the other man with Mr Reddin, it was a failing of the process.

A spokesman for Citywest said yesterday that it had "no comment" to make on the outcome of the case.

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