Wednesday 12 December 2018

'He taunted us', say victims as rapist is jailed for 7.5 years

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A father-of-one who raped two women in his apartment after meeting them in a nightclub has been jailed for seven-and-a-half years.

Clement Limen (45), of North Court, Quayside, Sligo town, was convicted after a trial at the Central Criminal Court of raping two women at his flat on June 2, 2014, and one count of sexual assault.


Garda Sergeant Martin McHale told Eileen O'Leary SC, prosecuting, that Limen invited the two women back to his apartment for a party after meeting them in a nightclub.

The court heard that the women, who were aged in their 30s, saw Limen inviting others to the party and they initially fobbed him off.

He was waiting outside the nightclub and the women, who were lifelong friends, decided to travel back to his home with 10 other people he had invited from the club.

Both women recall him giving them "a very strong drink that tasted like vodka" before "going totally blank".

One woman said she remembered waking up on a couch, feeling very disorientated while lying on her back, and then realising that Limen was raping her.

Sgt McHale said the woman then found her friend in a bedroom, lying on her back. The second woman told her friend she too had been raped by the defendant.

During the trial, Limen denied raping either of the women, telling the court he had consensual unprotected sex with one woman, and denying having sex with the other victim.

In a victim impact statement, one woman told the court that her life had changed dramatically since that night.

"I was once carefree and fun-loving. I became introverted and racked with anxiety," she said.

"If he had pleaded guilty and apologised, I could have forgiven him. But he taunted us at every opportunity, he showed no remorse, was arrogant, and told nauseating lies."

"I had to go to an STD clinic, which was humiliating as I am a married woman. The anti-HIV medication made me violently sick and extremely gaunt. It was an extra blow to put us through," one woman said.


Kieran O'Loughlin SC, defending, told the court Limen was a university graduate from Cameroon, who had been living in Ireland for seven years, and had no previous convictions.

Mr Justice Paul Coffey said the crime was aggravated by the "trauma and anguish" it caused the victims.

He said there was no "evidentiary basis" for suspending any part of the sentence.

The judge also imposed a sentence of four years for the sexual assault count, and ordered that sentences run concurrently.

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