Thursday 17 January 2019

'He pulled a knife ... that's why he's dead'

A MAN accused along with his brother of murdering a father of six in front of his wife and children, has told his trial that the man would still be alive today if he had not produced a knife.

Taking the witness stand on day eight of his murder trial, Jeffrey Dumbrell (30), told the jury he and his brother Warren Dumbrell, had gone as "minders" to meet Christopher Cawley in October 2006, following an arrangement between the 33-year-old and their younger brother to have a fight.

Dumbrell said he was unarmed and his brother picked up a broken hurley on the way to waste ground near the Tyrone Place flats in Inchicore.

When they arrived, they saw Mr Cawley and his two daughters in the field.


He admitted his younger brother never turned up.

Dumbrell said Mr Cawley pulled out a knife and said, 'I'll give yis a fight.' Then Warren produced the hurley and went for Mr Cawley, who turned and ran for the flats.

He fell on the ground, but jumped up again with the knife and went for Warren, who smacked it out of his hand with the hurley, he said.

Dumbrell said he grabbed the knife and Mr Cawley jumped on top of him. They fell to the ground in a struggle, during which he stabbed Mr Cawley once or twice in the leg.

The court has heard that Mr Cawley sustained six stab wounds, three to the back, one to the lower hip and one to each thigh, the fatal wound severing the main artery in his leg. Warren (36) and Jeffrey Dumbrell have pleaded not guilty to the murder.

Paul Burns, cross-examining for the prosecution, asked why they had confronted Mr Cawley when he was with his daughters.

"The Traveller site was right next to where his family live. He could have just whistled and a gang could have ran out at any time," he said. "If Christy Cawley hadn't brought the knife with him, he'd still be alive and we wouldn't be here now."

"So having ran away, he then decided he'd have a go at you when the knife was out of his hands?" Mr Burns asked.

"Travellers are fighters," was the reply.

Replying to questions about the stab wounds, Dumbrell said "I just went for the legs. Everyone knows if you want to kill a man you stab him from the waist up. I didn't think he'd die from stabbing him in the leg."

"If you hadn't attacked him and stabbed him six times, he wouldn't be dead," Mr Burns said. "If he hadn't produced the knife he wouldn't be dead," was the reply. The trial continues.


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