Wednesday 13 December 2017

Graham Dwyer work phone tracked day before disappearance

Graham Dwyer
Graham Dwyer

GRAHAM Dwyer’s work phone connected through a mobile cell at Edmondstown Golf Course in south Dublin shortly after the so-called “Master” phone texted the “Slave” number to say: “I am heading out to the spot now to double check.”

The accused’s work phone connected to the networks through that cell twice at 6.26pm on August 21, 2012 – the day before Elaine O’Hara disappeared.

The jury heard that the “Master” phone the prosecution alleges Mr Dwyer was using had connected through the Fitzwilliam cell at 5pm.

Seán Guerin SC, prosecuting, asked for the jury to be shown a map of mobile phone cell sites that Mr Dwyer’s work phone used that evening. Crime and Policing analyst Sarah Skedd agreed that his work phone had used a cell site at Edmondstown Golf Course just inside the M50 at 6.26pm.

She confirmed that this cell’s coverage plot extended up Killakee Mountain.


The jury was told Mr Dwyer’s work phone connected through a cell at St Mark’s GAA in Cookstown at 6.28pm and through Edmondstown Golf Course.

Ms Skedd also said that at 4.52pm on the following day, August 22, 2012, the “Master” phone was connecting to the networks through the cell at Fitzwilliam.

There was no further evidence of the accused’s work phone that day after it connected through the cell at the corner of Fitzwilliam St and Baggot St at 4.50pm.

The jury heard the “Master” phone connected at 5.05pm through the Burlington cell, then further south, finally connecting through cells, including Shankill, before the final contact at 6pm on August 22.

“Effectively from around 5.30 to 6pm, the final contact from the ‘Slave’ phone was when it was connecting through cells around Shanganagh Park and oriented in the direction of Shanganagh Park,” Mr Guerin said.

“There was no further contact between the two phones after 6pm on August 22,” Mr Guerin said.

“No, that was it,” Ms Skedd said.


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