Tuesday 12 December 2017

Graham Dwyer trial: The final 24 hours of texts

Graham Dwyer
Graham Dwyer

The following is the exchange of text messages between Elaine's 'slave' phone and the 'Master' phone which the prosecution alleges was used by Dwyer. These exchanges took place on August 22 2012 - the day that Elaine O'Hara went missing and, the jury has heard, the day she was released from a mental health hospital

“This place although a pain in the ass at times is safe and because I know what’s coming I don’t want to leave.” – Slave


“Did you know sir that I’m scared of you. You have this hold over me that terrifies me.” – Slave


“That’s good for you to feel owned and that your life is in my hands every time you submit to me. I love that, thank you. Do not fear death” – Master


“Please don’t mention killing for a while until I settle back to life. Please sir.” – Slave


“It’s important to me that you feel like it’s my right to take my slave’s life if I wanted to... Every time I stab or strangle you I want you to think this is it and when I let you live you owe me your life.” – Master.


“Can you stop talking about it? I know my life is in your hands. That is why I’m scared” – Slave


“You will be in a lot of pain later and the next few days.” – Master


“Sir it’s going to be that bad?” – Slave


“You will have stab wounds, you know the drill. Last few did not bleed but these will” – Master

“No offence Sir but do we have to do it in rain Sir? It’s cold” – Slave


“Yes we do. Don’t worry it’s never as bad as you think it’s going to be....Don’t be nervous and enjoy being told what to do” – Master.


“Just empty yourself and become nothing. You are property, and piece of slave meat. Your only job is to serve.” – Master.


“Can I wear socks with runners? Didn’t have time to eat. Will we be late back?” – Slave


“More painful getting stabbed on an empty stomach, suit yourself. See you in a bit. X” – Master


“Take only keys and slave phone. Make your way on foot to park next door and text me in middle” – Master

“Please let me take my inhaler Sir” – Slave


“Is the park with playing field in the top part or bottom?” – Slave


“Cross railway bridge into next park near cliffs” –



“I’m lost. In football field now” – Slave


“Ok Look for railway bridge near footpath.” – Master


“Here now where’s park?” –Slave


“Cross bridge, Head for opposite end of park near steps to sea.” – Master


“Steps here.” – Slave


“Go down to shore and wait.” – Master

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