Monday 10 December 2018

Gilligan solicitor gave twisted rapist Murray phone to use in custody

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John Gilligan's former solicitor has pleaded guilty to supplying a mobile phone to a notorious jailed rapist while he was in hospital.

Joanne Kangley (41), from Rathevan, Bailieboro, Co Cavan, supplied the phone to violent rapist Michael Murray.

The Samsung phone was supplied to Murray while he was at the Midlands Regional Hospital in Portlaoise on November 6, 2014.

Kangley - who has represented both Murray and Gilligan - is due to be sentenced on April 2 next year after pleading guilty at Portlaoise Circuit Court yesterday.


Murray was sentenced to 15 years in prison at the Central Criminal Court in 2013, with his sentence subsequently increased to 19 years in 2017 after it was found to have been too lenient.

The 47-year-old, formerly of Killiney Oaks, Killiney, Co Dublin, had lured his female victim - who had been walking home from school with her four-year-old son - into his apartment by telling her there was an elderly woman inside who was dying and needed help.

He then tied the woman up and assaulted her before he then abandoned her young son in a city centre square late at night.

The twisted rapist then returned, drugged and raped his victim.

He then proceeded to tie her to a radiator and gag her with a dish cloth in the bathroom.

After beating the woman as she tried to free herself, Murray then subjected her to what was described in court as a "protracted and depraved sexual assault".

Murray claimed during the trial he ran an escort agency in Dublin and the Midlands.

He is understood to have told the victim he had sold a small girl to a man and he would do the same with her.

He finally left the apartment at 5am the next day and the woman managed to free herself, searching everywhere in the house for her son.

By this stage gardai had found her son safe and subsequently found the victim after being alerted to a disturbance at the apartment.

Murray had driven to Dublin Airport and bought a flight to London but never boarded and was arrested by gardai the following day.


The challenge to Murray's conviction had been made in 2014.

Kangley told reporters at the time that 12 of the calls between the rapist and his solicitors were recorded by authorities and six of these were accessed while Murray was in custody.

Meanwhile, in the week prior to Gilligan's prison release in 2013, Kangley released a statement on behalf of the mobster.

In a bizarre message ahead of his release from prison in 2013, Kangley released a letter on behalf of Gilligan.

In it, he insisted he would not be taking part in any media interviews, even if he was offered €1m.

However, it is understood no offers of money were made to the violent mobster for an interview.

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