Wednesday 22 May 2019

Gardai punched in 'onslaught' of violence by family

Shane Brogan and his mother, Sylvia Brogan
Shane Brogan and his mother, Sylvia Brogan

A young man and his parents subjected two gardai to an "onslaught" of violence when they called to their home to investigate a noise complaint.

Shane Brogan (23) called one garda a "slut" and punched her in the chest and jaw while his father Mark Hudson (45) struck another officer on the back of the head.

Sylvia Brogan (43) then tried to pull the gardai off her son and husband.

Judge John Lindsay said he would strike the cases out if the three paid a combined €1,000 in compensation.

They all pleaded guilty to violent disorder, obstruction, drunkenness and breach of the peace.

Dublin District Court heard the incident happened at North William Street flats last February 24.

Officers Ciaran Cummins and Aoibhinn Tallon responded to a complaint from a neighbour, and Sylvia Brogan invited them to come in.

Shane Brogan was inside and became very aggressive, telling the gardai: "Get the f**k out of my house."


He asked Gda Tallon: "What are you looking at, you f**king slut?" He added: "Shut your mouth, you f**king g** bag."

As the officers left, they were met by Hudson.

Shane Brogan trapped them in the hallway and Hudson raised his hands aggressively, saying: "What the f**k are you doing in this house?"

The gardai had to push Shane Brogan to get out. As they exited, he punched Gda Tallon twice to her upper chest and once to the left jaw.

As both gardai wrestled with Shane Brogan on the ground, Hudson punched Gda Cummins once on the back of the head.

Sylvia Brogan tried to drag the officers off of her son during the melee.

The person who made the complaint had a history of "making calls to the gardai about disturbances" by neighbours, defence barrister Conor Burke said.

The accused had been drinking and "matters escalated" into a "very unfortunate dispute that got out of hand", he added.

Judge Lindsay said the gardai had been subjected to a "kind of onslaught".

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