Sunday 17 December 2017

Garda shot in United States to face charges over assault on women

Brian Hanrahan and his wife
Brian Hanrahan and his wife

A garda who was shot in the US is due in court in the coming days to be charged in relation to an alleged vicious assault on two women.

Garda Brian Hanrahan (34) made headlines when he was shot in the leg and back in New Orleans in January 2015.

However, he is now accused of brutally assaulting two women in a case that gardai have been investigating for a number of months.


Gardai are probing complaints made by the women after it was alleged they were struck by the garda after a night out in Nenagh, Co Tipperary.

The assault complaint has been made against Garda Hanrahan.

He has not been suspended from duty and continues to work at Newcastle West Garda Station in Co Limerick.

It has been alleged the women suffered facial injuries when an argument occurred between them and the garda after they gave him a lift home following a night out in February.

Gardai are investigating if the alleged assaults happened outside the vehicle when the women ordered Garda Hanrahan to leave their car after the argument.

One of the woman is alleged to have suffered worse injuries than the other female.

Garda Hanrahan was not on duty at the time, and gardai in north Tipperary were notified of the alleged assaults by the women who made statements to officers.

The investigation is said to be at an advanced stage.

In the event of being charged, Garda Hanrahan is likely to be suspended from duty.


The officer, who is originally from Tipperary, was shot twice while on holidays in the US.

Two brothers are before the courts in New Orleans charged in relation to the gun attack on Garda Hanrahan.

Over $5,000 was collected by various local police departments and agencies to go towards any travel costs or medical bills on behalf of the Hanrahan family.

The local Irish community in New Orleans also raised funds at different events.

A fundraising run also took place from Newcastle West in Limerick to the Garda College in Templemore and back again to also help raise funds to help with medical bills.

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