Saturday 7 December 2019

Garda noticed father's stolen watch was too big for his arm

Father-of-two Darren Callaghan was jailed for six months
Father-of-two Darren Callaghan was jailed for six months

A father-of-two was caught wearing a stolen designer watch when a garda noticed it was too big for his arm.

Darren Callaghan (42) claimed he found the watch on the road and was "reckless" as to where it came from.

Callaghan, of Harelawn Park, Clondalkin, was jailed for six months after pleading guilty to handling stolen property.

Garda Elaine Maher told Dublin District Court she saw Callaghan walking down St Ronan's Road, Clondalkin, at 6.40am on November 2, 2018.

He was searched and the garda saw he was wearing a silver Michael Kors watch that was "too big for him" on his arm.

He could not account for where he got it from and it was seized. The owner had since been identified, the garda said.

Callaghan did not realise it was a valuable watch when he found it on the road and was "reckless", his lawyer said.


Separately, Callaghan admitted unlawfully carrying a hammer the previous night.

Garda Gemma Collins said she saw him walking in Bothar Na Life, Clondalkin, at 12.24am. His clothes were filthy and covered in grass and he was wearing a single glove.

When asked to empty his pockets he had a small hammer.

The accused had been using the hammer and gloves to take items from a bonfire, his lawyer said.

He was "messing with a bonfire", Judge John Hughes said.

The accused had a large number of previous convictions.

Callaghan's poor decision-making and judgment stemmed from drug use, his lawyer added.

Currently serving a sentence, he had gone into a "downward spiral" following a number of bereavements.

The judge sentenced Callaghan to nine months, with three suspended.

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