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Gang told abducted boy he'd be mutilated

A YOUNG man was bundled into a car by four youths and threatened with torture if he didn't confess to being a sex offender, a court has heard.

A 17-year-old from Dublin, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was given a suspended sentence of three and a half years on the condition that he keep the peace for that period.

He had pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to false imprisonment of a man in Rathmines, Dublin on February 16, 2011.

The victim was told by the group that if it turned out he had sexually assaulted a woman they knew, he would be brought to the mountains and have his "face slashed" and "his d*** cut off".


He was held against his will, amid his continual protests of innocence, until the girl in question told the gang that she was not confident the man was her attacker.

Detective Garda Ciaran McGovern told Caroline Cummins, prosecuting, that on that date the victim (19) was surrounded by four young men and and was accused of assaulting a girl on the same road.

This man, Morgan Doran (21), also of Rathmines Avenue, told the others to kick the victim who fell into the foetal position to protect himself.

The men began dragging and pulling him along the road towards Rathmines.

The victim later told gardai that he begged a passing pedestrian to call gardai.

He said he told the men that he wasn't the person who had attacked the girl but the men said he was a pervert and "bundled" him into a car.

They told him they were taking him to see the girl and that if she identified him they were going to slash his face.

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard that the accused teen told the victim they would "cut his d*** off" and the others said they would drive him up into the mountains and torture him.


The victim told gardai that he was driven to a bus stop where a girl said she couldn't be sure if the victim was the same man who had attacked her.

One of the men then went off with the girl and when he came back he said she was "99 per cent sure" the victim was the man they were looking for.

The victim again denied he had anything to do with the attack on the girl and he was told: "Lying is going to make it worse".

The men then began hitting him around the head while he was in the car before releasing him.

Eoin Lawlor, defending, said that his client was very remorseful and wanted to convey his shame and regret for the attack.

Judge Martin Nolan said this was a very nasty event but that this man was the youngest and a minor player.