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Financier tried to dodge his taxi fare

A HEDGE fund accountant absconded from a taxi to dodge a fare of less than €10 after a "small disagreement" while being driven home, a court heard.

David Hammond (27) ran to his home but was arrested after the driver followed him and called the gardai.

A judge told him he would consider leaving him without a conviction if he paid compensation and a charity donation totalling €450.

Hammond, of Reuben Street, Dolphin's Barn, pleaded guilty to failing to pay a €9.45 taxi fare at Dolphin's Barn on December 10 last.

Garda Richard Browne told Dublin District Court he was called to Reuben Street.

The taxi driver said he had picked up two men in Temple Bar at 1am, and took them as far as Dolphin's Barn, where both passengers absconded.

Both were later apprehended.