Monday 20 May 2019

'Failed promoter' back in court over €250k debt to comic Mario

Darryl Downey has secured work earning €250 a week. Pic: Collins Courts
Darryl Downey has secured work earning €250 a week. Pic: Collins Courts

An events promoter, who has already been warned he could face jail over a €250,000 debt to comedian Mario Rosenstock, now wants to reduce his monthly repayments, a court heard.

Dublin District Court was told that concert and events promoter Darryl Downey owed money to Blue Elf, the company owned by Mr Rosenstock.

His company is looking to have Downey jailed as a result of arrears and a judge has warned the promoter he has a draft warrant for his arrest and committal on file.

Mr Rosenstock was not present when the case resumed yesterday.

At a previous hearing, in December, Judge Michael Coghlan said Downey was a "failed promoter" and he adjourned the case until yesterday "to enable him to get a job, any job" that pays a "normal weekly wage".

Downey's barrister Tessa White said her client, who did not address the court, has secured part-time work earning €250 a week. She added that he has job interviews in March.

The judge said Downey would now be in a position to make a repayment and it was noted he is living rent-free.


Jane Linnane, counsel for Blue Elf, said it was not a very satisfactory situation but the judge remarked that it was a "whole lot better than it was before".

Ms Linnane said that Downey now proposed to pay €500 a month, which was not acceptable.

The judge adjourned the case for three weeks.

He had earlier warned that he would run out of patience if Downey was "continuing to hope for the next big deal".

The debt is the subject of a High Court judgement and, in January last year, the district court had already granted a variation on an instalment order, reducing the monthly repayment from €5,000 to €1,500.

Counsel for Blue Elf had said that between January 2016 and the hearing in December there had been a total of just €5,400 paid by Downey to her client.

The court had heard Downey had been a self-employed events promoter since 2003.

He said the case related to a number of shows going back to 2012, as a result of which about €750,000 was owed to Blue Elf. Some €500,000 was paid over, but he said he did not have the funds to pay the rest.

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