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Face-slashing husband gets 3 years in jail

An Algerian who slashed another man's face because he thought he was having an affair with his wife has been sentenced to five years with two suspended.

Yacine Riad (27) attacked the man and left him with permanent scarring across his face. He became paranoid and carried out the attack after logging in to his wife's Facebook account and seeing that she had added the victim as a friend.

Riad, of North Circular Road, Dublin 7, had pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to assault causing serious harm to another Algerian, Farooq Samad, on Camden Street on March 21, 2012.

Garda Mick O'Shea told prosecuting counsel Pieter Le Vert that Riad was arrested as he was trying to cross the border into Northern Ireland. On arrest he told gardai that the victim "was trying to take my wife, what kind of man does that?"

He said Mr Samad had been trying to take his wife for two or three weeks and had tried to kiss her in front of her daughter. Both Riad's wife and the victim deny this.

Mr Samad told gardai he worked with Riad's wife in KFC but had never had an inappropriate relationship.


On March 21 he got a call from an unknown number telling him to come to Camden Street to collect "a surprise". Mr Samad thought it might be a friend visiting Ireland to surprise him so he went to Camden Street.

He saw Riad who he recognised from Facebook. He asked him if he was the one who called. The defendant replied yes before taking out a knife and slashing Mr Samad twice across the face.

He fled and the victim was taken to hospital. He required surgery and will need another operation in the future. He has permanent scarring across his face and has become a recluse as a result.

He is also down nearly €3,000 in lost earnings.

Riad went on the run and the victim got a call shortly afterwards telling him to say it wasn't Riad who knifed him. Riad's wife also got a call saying: "Look at Farooq now."

Defence counsel Kevin McCrave said his client is deeply remorseful for his actions. He said Riad has no previous convictions and was very drunk and the time.

"He acknowledges and accepts what he has done and is remorseful," said Mr McCrave.